What is AssessorPro?What is it?

The AssessorPro Referee Assessment System is a Microsoft® Windows based software application that provides the Referee Assessor with the tools and controls to effectively manage match assessments in a timely and accurate manner.  The system is easy to install and maintain from on-line website downloads.  AssessorPro was developed from the successful Tournament Administrative System in use by the Regional and National Youth Championships for over fourteen years.

Data management is provided through related data tables that minimizes the re-entry of repeated information.  Data maintenance on officials is done through an easy to use data entry form that separates data into subject matters through tabbed pages.  This data is then used through-out the AssessorPro system. 

Supporting Data

Scheduling, site locations, leagues, tournaments and referee data are entered and maintained through similar data entry forms.  Import functionality is provided to load League, Division, Club, Team, Schedule and Referee data from standard formatted MS Office Excel spreadsheets.  Customized imports may be developed for an additional fee. 

An upcoming release of AssessorPro will contain import capabilities that will allow the import of game assignment data from AssignorPro, thus speeding up the setup of games to be assessed.


Referee Assessments are managed through a single data form that brings together all of the assignment related information such as Officials, Games Schedule, and locations. Assessment categories and text data follow the standard USSF-Referee Program - Report of Assessments and Feedback to Officials forms as well as the USSF Development form. Provisions for continuation of the text data is provided onto additional pages if necessary. The ability to spellcheck the entered text is available. Import and Export of USYS Regional Tournament Assessor Assignments is also available.


Reporting and Official Assessments through printed, PDF or email is available on demand.  Additionally, worksheets can be created to assist the assignor with the assessment process.  Reports can be produced to document assessments made for the reporting to state, regional or national officials.   Most reports may be output to Adobe Acrobat formatted files and emailed to other parties directly from the application.  Pricing is detailed on the Purchase page. AssessorPro contains complete Backup and Restore functions for data security.

Learning Tools

On demand, context sensitive help is available for each module of the system. A Demo/10-Day-Trial version is available.

Customization and Setup Assistance

Customized functions may be designed and included in the system for an agreed cost based on complexity and time to implement.  System Setup Assistance can be provided to assist in the definition of league or tournament structure as well as data entry of initial data for tables such as Leagues, Clubs, Teams, Schedules, Referees and other table data. Pricing is determined by the time required to define structure and amount of data to be entered.

System Requirements

System Requirements: Microsoft™ Windows Operating System including Vista, 512MB RAM, 30MB disk space available for the application and data storage, CD-ROM drive, Internet connection with a direct SMTP for Emailing of assignments, and reports, a laser or inkjet printer.  AssessorPro is licensed to only one PC.

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Note: To view this product brief you will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader

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