AssessorPro You may download AssessorPro and test it on your system for up to ten days.  After ten days, if you have not purchased the system and entered the Product Registration Code,  key functions will be disabled on the demo system.  If you download the system and subsequently make payment, you will be emailed your Product Registration Code to activate your downloaded system.  A legally licensed system may be installed on only one Personal Computer. Click this link to Purchase AssessorPro, now.

Full System Download:    

AssessorPro version 1.2 Build 1051 dated 07-04-2010 (Download time approx 2-4 min. on DSL/Broadband)

Click this button to  Download AssessorPro Full System now (approx. 18.0 Megabytes). NOTE: Do NOT download and install the Full System if you have already installed AssessorPro. If you want to download and re-install the current Full System, before you download and re-install you MUST: 1) do a System Backup; 2) uninstall the current system; 3) delete the AssessorPro system folder.  After completing the new installation you MUST perform a System Restore of All Tables.

If you have already installed AssessorPro check for AssessorPro Updates.  Click this button to view the Download Instructions (PDF File). A smaller download is available by clicking this button Download AssessorPro (without Help file) (approx. 11.0 MB).  The Help file is available for download by clicking this button to Download AssessorPro Help File (Version 1.2 Build 1031 dated 07-02-2008)

If you are on a lowspeed dial-up connection to the Internet, we do not recommend downloading AssessorPro through this download link.  We recommend that you Email and request a demo CD be mailed!

  AssessorPro Update File Page:

Click this link to view available AssessorPro Updates.  You can check your version by clicking on Help-About in AssessorPro.