About - Werner Henn Application Technologies

Werner Henn Application Technologies is a developer of PC  and  Web applications that provide time saving capabilities to organizations in the Soccer Community.  Applications that manage the administration of Tournaments, Referee Assignment and Assessment are the primary products.


The principal behind the business is Werner Henn.  He first became involved in soccer with his sons while working in Germany.  During that time he became a registered German Soccer Federation referee and developed the first soccer referee instructional and certification program for the US Armed Forces which was approved by the DFB.  He has a long in-depth background in soccer in the United States. 

Soccer Background

  • State Referee Administrator and State Youth Referee Administrator

  • State Youth Association Treasurer and Player Registrar

  • Regional Referee Administrator

  • Regional Tournament Referee Assignor

  • USSF State Grade 5 Referee

  • USSF State Grade 5 Assessor

  • USSF Referee Instructor

  • USSF Referee Assignor

  • USYS Referee Committee Member

  • State High School Certified Referee

  • NISOA Referee

  • Contributor to the USSF Referee Program Instruction Program

Business Background

  • Along with his background in soccer, he brings to the business a strong background in project management and computer systems and application development where he worked in the computer, banking, insurance and medical systems industries for over forty years.