Werner Henn Application Technologies is a developer of Personal Computer Applications that provide time-saving functionality to various non-profit organizations, primarily the soccer community.

     Our latest product, AssignorPro's companion product, is AssessorPro™. This application provides Assessors of soccer referees with an organized process to collect assessment information in a timely manner and to efficiently deliver those assessments to the assessed officials.

    AssignorPro™ is a by-product of the Tournament Administrative System. This application is for the use by Soccer Referee Assignors. See the AssignorPro website, www.AssignorPro.com, for details. Web capabilities can be optionally set up to support the communication with referees and administrators.

Our first major application was the Tournament Administrative System (TAS). This application was developed to automate the administration of Regional and National Youth Championship Soccer Tournaments and has been in use for fifteen years.  It provides support for Referee and Assessor assignments and Game administration. The TAS provides for a full range of reporting of Assignments, Assessments, Game Results and Standings for tournaments lasting seven days or less.

For background on the organization, see the About page.